MASTER BEDROOM REMODEL: Sharing My Amazon Finds!

Updated: May 16

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Hey guys! ♡

Thanks so much for tuning in! Today, I want to share everything I have found on Amazon that is either in my cart or in my wish list!

My husband and I are trying to update our house. Nothing crazy, just mostly painting and updating flooring. We are homebodies, so I want to put a lot of love into the home. I really want to turn our home into our own little oasis.

It hasn't come without its obstacles, though. Depression has definitely made this jo9urney super difficult. On top of the mental/emotional impacts of depression, the lack of interest and completely nonexistent energy make everyday tasks look seemingly impossible. Unfortunately, no exaggeration.

However, it's 2022, a new year, a fresh beginning. Things are starting to look up more and I am beginning to get excited about our house again.

I definitely still struggle with having a pretty good number of bad days, so the progress is really slow. Don't expect a before and after picture within the next month... or few. A snail could probably finish painting my cabinets before me. I'm absolutely serious!

But there will (hopefully) be a picture if I can manage to find enough courage to share the before photo of my bedroom with the world.

So, we are saying goodbye to purple and blue floral wallpaper and 20-year-old beige carpeting and hello to Silver Drop walls, Dove White doors, and new laminate flooring! Y.A.Y!!!

We are also changing the decor style and choosing things that reflect more of what we like, not necessarily the latest trends at HGTV.

I am going for a "boho-romantic-chic-cozy-hygge" vibe for our house. Think of colors like Silver Drop, natural beiege and flax, Dove White, Hale Navy, and pretty pops of accent colors. Think of metals like bronze and brass. Also, you can't forget the cozy furry blanket throws and pillows, rattan baskets, and some modern farmhouse elements.

Okay, it might sound crazy, but here's my mood board so you guys can envision the inspo.

However, ...I have been outnumbered and the boys are ruling the house. My husband has his gaming space, and my son is starting to like trucks, tools, and stem-focused toys.

But I have my crafts, makeup, and glitter nail polish! Oh, and everything pink, furry, and sparkly. So, I am making the bedroom my "babe cave." (Okay, and maybe the bathroom)

So, without further ado, let me show you guys all the decor I'm LOVING!

"Let's Stay in Bed" Wall Sign

Vanity Mirror with Hollywood Lights

Beckham Hotel Collection Pillows

Fluffy Shag Rug

Himalayan Salt Lamp & Essential Oil Diffuser

Sandalwood Essential Oil

Lavender Essential Oil

Vanilla Essential Oil

Organizer with 11 Loops & Hooks for belts, ties, scarves, bags, hats, jewelry, etc...

Organizer for Socks, Underwear, Bras, etc.

Bedside Storage Organizer

Hopefully using this will eliminate the need for a bedside table. That's just another area that creates clutter and half-empty water bottles.

Stainless Steel S Hooks

You guys! I saw someone using these to hang pants and instantly loved the idea! I'm trying to get rid of the multiple dressers that are only collecting junk and clutter. And not having to fold and put pants away in a drawer will cut time putting the laundry away!

4-tier Stackable, Expandable & Adjustable Shoe Rack

Purse Organizer

Standing Mirror w/ Jewelry Cabinet

Brass cabinet bar handle pulls

Replacing the old hardware on my vanity! Aren't these so pretty?!

Live Peace Lily

I hope you all enjoyed seeing my wish list! As always, thank you all for hanging out with me today! Have a great week!


Olivia Haven ♡


What's on your wish list? Comment below!